We, the photographers of the Argus Photo Agency in Hamburg, create symbolic photos and reports on themes of current interest, focusing on business, politics, the environment, transport, health, and social issues. Our emphasis is on editorial photography and the pictorial language of photo journalists in our cultural sphere. We have been working continuously and committed for years on numerous ecological and social topics, with high standards of quality. Some of our motifs have been recognized worldwide, have been honored with numerous awards, and have been presented at international expositions.

For over twenty years, Argus photographers have also traveled to tourist destinations and to the regions in which Germans most like to spend their vacations. You will find our most striking pictures of
both classic and unusual travel destinations online under “Travel” (e.g., USA, the Mediterranean, Northern Germany and the North and Baltic Sea coasts, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the Tauber Valley, etc).

Our People-Nature-Environment project, which focuses on international social and environmental protection themes, arose from four renowned partner archives in New York, London, Paris, and the Netherlands and shows both the global problems and the beautiful side of nature. In particular, it depicts the so-called Third World in all its multi-faceted aspects. Certain exclusive, one-of-a-kind motifs from Africa or Asia are found only on the Argus site. These themes are complemented by a collection from UNEP, the United Nations Environment Program.
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